The Un-Perfect.

As you may have noticed from our blogs lately…things are changing.  We are going into 2012 with a whole new outlook.  Really for us, its nothing new…as we spend our days doing, saying or thinking what we are now sharing with you.  Its simply that before…we were not sharing it.  hehe.

We get sooooo many emails asking us how we do it.  How we raise all these kids (seven between us) and still manage to get ourselves out the door looking like we have it all together while keeping our homes ‘somewhat’ clean, the kiddies well dressed and arrive most anywhere on time.  Well, we can say this.  Michele is always late…ha…okay, not for photography related events…but for everything else!

Truthfully, things are not always what they seem.

The plan is the share the reality a little more.  Give a little insight into the behind the scenes of our lives and hopefully not scare yah too much.

Of course, photos are what you come here for…not all the chit chat.  So, photos you shall have.  This week, our toddler girls with their messy hair and mismatched clothes.  They dont care, and well…neither do we.


brooke + mish

Shawna - Love this! And isn’t it true that because you try to keep a healthy medium between work/home/lovelife/kids that all of a sudden you’re perfect!?!

thanks for posting and being real…you’re two talented gals! XoXo*S

nancy armstrong - leaving lots of love !!! <3

Lacey - Sweeeet! I, too, share a lot of “my life” stuff on my blog (maybe too much!) along side my client work. I’m looking forward to learning more about you two super talented ladies!

cribtales - I just decided this year to combine my “mama blog” and my “business blog” in the same manner. It just makes more sense. And by the way it’s like looking at you two in mini-forms with these adorable pictures! Always love how genuine and ethereal your work is!

White Linen Photography - thanks all. we have all sorts of goodies coming this year. long lists are finally being put into action. too funny as we always joke about how these two make us feel like we are ‘toddler friends’. they are surely our mini versions. its a bit scary!

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