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Happy Valentines. The Un-Perfect.

A very happy anniversary to my lovely partner and her hubby.  Raising 3 girls cant be an easy task, and they are little blonde bundles of joy.  Well, most of the time.    Enjoy your evening together celebrating! Our day was spent crafting, baking and loving our little ladies.  The biggies were of course at […]

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Happy 2013 All.

Its crazy to think that we are nearing the end of January!  Time seriously flies the older you get.  Shhhh…my mother was right.  (Good thing she doesnt read our blog…ha). The past few months have proven to be a little nutso for these girls and we decided to take December (and well…most of January) and […]

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Our Eve, after 3 days of being extremely sick…. I found her snoozing in our bed and she looked so peaceful ( and clean…finally) that I just had to grab a few snaps. Baby in one arm and a grumpy 3 year old in front of my lens and  surprisingly I just love these. She […]

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Life | The Unperfect

I feel so very dramatic writing this post.  Especially considering this blog is not just mine, but hey…I am all for honesty. I cannot speak for both of us, so I wont.  However, I might just a little.  ha.  These past few months have been a little bonkers.  Life seems to be moving at rapid […]

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Camera Break | The Un-Perfect.

I know…WHAT?  Okay, I was going for impact.  Its just that time of year…the time where one of my children has to be shipped off for a little R&R.  hehe.  For those who are a little attached to their camera, you will understand…she hasnt even left the studio, and I already miss her. As I […]

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