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Baby Lincoln | South Okanagan baby photography

This handsome little man is the nephew of our last baby girl we photographed, Miss Danica.  He wasn’t all that sleepy or settled, but some of our favorite baby pics of our own kiddos are those real moments….the squirming, and fussing and yawning.  There’s something to be said for these moments that we all-too-soon forget. So, although we only had a super-mini 5 minute session with you Mister Lincoln, we simply adore these images. Thank you again!

the White Linen girls.


Amber Hughes - Such a major cutie! I love sleepy babies :)

Baby Danica | South Okanagan Baby Photography

A few weeks back I took a trip with my girls to Vancouver Island…..we basically travelled from one tip to the other. In my opinion there is nothing better than road trips  - especially when they involve snuggles with the sweetest of babes. This little beauty is the niece of my very best friend, and at 2 months old she was still teeny, and oh so easy to photograph. And if you could have seen our setup, it was pretty unique – a little mattress on the floor, some blankets….and another brand new baby just next to her. This sweet girl is lucky enough to have a nephew just a month younger … and although he didn’t sleep for our mini- session, I did manage to capture some of him as well – make sure to come back to see his pics. What a lucky family you guys are!


the White Linen girls


Baby Declan | South Okanagan Baby Photography

Two adoring parents, one long awaited and much loved baby boy…. and snuggles, of course. Lots and lots of snuggles.

Pat + Kara, thank  you so very much for bringing him in to see us – he is the sweetest….


the White Linen girls.

**as always, we have to thank the lovely talents behind our products….. beautiful and organic patterned hats and blankets courtesy of Vonbon, and the softest knit hats by Baby Joy Studios


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} - sweetest little bebe. I love all the bonbon and little details (like the way the parents’ fingers are interlocked). SUCH a beautiful session… I remember their wedding photos ;) xoxo

Auntie Apes - YAY! Thank you for posting ladies. Brings a tear to my eye to see my BFF as a mama. You caught such beautiful moments. And Declan, don’t even get me started on those lips! So smooch worthy.

Kara - Thank you thank you thank you!! I just love them sooo much! Xo

Lindsay - Ooh they are beautiful!! So so great! Love them all!

Janice Wallin - Wow!! I love them all!You think it brings a tear to YOUR eye Apey… you can only imagine how this ol’ girl feels looking at that beautiful family! I am IN LOVE with that tiny bundle of handsome and sweetness! I can feel a huge spoiling coming his way!xoxo Thanks Michele & Brooke

Pat Lawrence - Oh he is just so incredibly handsome and smoochable. The photos are stunning. So happy for you and Pat. Xoxo

Baby Khloe | Vancouver Island Baby Photography

A few weeks back I was visiting the Island and had the chance to meet my Mum’s friend, Anne and her incredibly sweet baby Khloe. I believe she was a month old here, and at just over 4 lbs at birth, she was still super tiny. Although she was awake much of the time and I could have stayed ALL day long….. it was still great to have a quick session and capture her teeny, tiny sweetness. Thank you for having me over!


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