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Baby Penny | Okanagan family photography.

What a sweet and incredibly talented family this was to photograph – Adam and Rebecca, thank you for bringing your darling Penny all the way to the Okanagan for me to photograph. It was such a pleasure, and I cannot wait to see more beautiful photos of your little lady taken from behind your own camera – for those of you who aren’t familiar with Rebecca’s work; go take a peek, it is beautiful!



Jarusha - So gorgeous!!! Love the outside ones <3

Colin + Lindsay + Izzy-Rae + Emme | Okanagan Family Photographer

Four of my favourite people right here…. one very talented Mama, miss Lindsay Gee – a hard working hubby with one of the most motivational stories of anyone I know. And of course two sweet little ladies so full of personality you wish you could just bottle it up. Thanks for trusting me behind the camera – and for letting go and getting a little dirty. Come on, you know you had fun;)


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Phillipa - These are beautiful Michele.It looks like you captured their personalities to a ‘T’. I love that yellow dress too.

Jen - Gorgeous photos!

Trevor + Candice + Jake + Kennedy | Okanagan Family Photography

Interesting story with this family…. we had never met before, nor even heard of each other until the day baby Kennedy was born. I was out of town shopping with a client turned friend, when she asked if I could run by the hospital with her to run her girlfriend that had just had a baby an apple and some greens….yes, that is what this Mama requested ( which is most likely why she looks so incredible;) I got to hold this little Miss just hours after she was born, and a week later got a phone call from Candice who had heard about my photography….. she hadn’t realized I was the same stranger who had showed up in her hospital room the week before. Meant to be, I suppose! It was such a treat to photograph this family, and this new combination of studio newborn/outdoor family session has really become my new favourite. I hope to see many more of you this year…. especially for some upcoming fundraisers I’ll be doing for one of my daughters kindergarten classmates who is battling cancer. A great cause with something wonderful to walk away with as well.



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Linda - These are gorgeous lifestyle photos. And yes, that mamma must look that great just after child birth because she sticks to eating her greens. Love it. Love the photos too.

Jenn Expecting | Okanagan Maternity Photography

A few months back I had the honour of photographing this beautiful expecting Mama for the 3rd time….. in less than three years. Yup – and she still looks this incredible. How thankful am I to have the opportunity to document such wonderful clients – and in this case, friend – through so many special moments. Stay tuned for the images of her beautiful baby girl…



Baby Ellis | Okanagan Newborn Photography

Handsome baby Ellis and his very proud parents came in for their first family session when this little man was just a few weeks old. He was teensy tiny, quite alert and perfect as could be. I’d love to see your newest family members here in the studio as well! If you book a future session by January 31st you’ll receive ‘15% off your full session! And in case you are eyeing up the gorgeous patterned blankets; they are all from Vonbon – soft, organic and a Vancouver company to boot:) We love ‘em!


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